Free local SG delivery for order $180SGD and above
Free local SG delivery for order $180SGD and above
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Model figurines are available in many different scales/ sizes. But don't worry; we made a selection for you with the most popular items in the market, depending on the way you want to apply them with your arts.

If you are a terrarium building enthusiast, we recommend you the scale 1:87. It is not too small to enjoy small sceneries with your natural plants as a spectator. It is also not too small to place the figurines properly and enjoy the details.

If you are a photographer, we also recommend the figurines of scale 1:87. They contain enough details for your shots and are not too pricey.

As a vivid train modeller, you basically follow the scale of your trains. In South-East-Asia you may go with a scale of 1:150 to 1:160. But some of you have even the luxury of bigger scaled trains; then you follow accordingly.

Attention : To fix the figurines you may use double-sided tape or our special temporary glue, which you can find under 'Accessories'.